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Hi we’re id – an engineering and design studio. We translate emergent technologies into next generation products and services for humans through research, strategy and design.

Drives Us

Working at the intersection of design, technology and human interaction. Currently that’s applications of distributed ledgers, AI and IoT hardware that could meaningfully impact how we live, work and play.
Integrating with startups or progressive organisations to tackle new design and technical challenges. Synthesising human insights into creative strategies or longer-term project stewardship.
Using design as the fundament for positive interaction between social and technological systems. Engaging in ventures that tackle social challenges in new product categories and contexts.


We unlock creative potential by identifying actionable opportunities and building holistic business, product and brand strategies. We can help you define the direction ahead, accelerate decision making or steward ventures through their formative stages. ↪︎
Mapping complex scenarios through socially-centred research, we enable you to make informed decisions based on data and knowledge. We combine understanding of human behaviour and new technology to provide robust insights and evaluate prototypes with users. ↪︎
Conducting design development across physical and digital spaces we deliver innovative products and craft engaging user experiences. Through data insight from iterative prototyping we centre solutions around emerging behaviours and contexts. ↪︎


Through integration of empathic collaboration and speculative research we assemble insights and foresights that we embed into project strategies.
We architect, design and build tangible prototypes that go beyond purely technological solutions to deliver provocative and meaningful innovation.
Our interdisciplinary approach enables us to add value to new propositions by evaluating their technical, strategic and human implications at all stages.


We are a team of strategists, designers and technologists based in London and Zurich.

Strategic Design, Director

Andrew Slack
BSc(Hons) MA MSc

Interaction Design, Associate

Bentley Farrington
BA(Hons) MA MSc

Data Engineering, Associate

Pascal Jerome
MPhys (Oxon)

Industrial Design, Associate

Reto Togni

Let's collaborate
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We’d love to discuss your venture and how we can work together. We collaborate with startups and progressive organisations, as well as other studios, artists and engineers.
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